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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Struck Down Snipe

The weekends Jack Snipe Tour will have to be blogged retrospectively - when I sort through all the pics !

Last Night.
A rush into position at dusk for Long-eareds saw me just about trip over what I thought was a fluttering Jack Snipe.
After a chase I caught the feisty & obviously injured Common Snipe.

A wound on its wing was very fresh & although I never ever attend to injured birds, I decided to try to help this one out as he was so full of life.

I popped him in my pocket & went to watch the male Long-eared floating about in his wing clapping display & a couple of Woodcock out but still no display....

Back at the van, I popped him inside my hat, enclosed that with another hat & nestled it in an old work jacket in the passenger foot-well.

After 5 minutes I got the surprise of my life as he'd wriggled out & jumped up onto the dashboard !

An emergency stop & a scramble saw him take evasive action into the door pocket, where I gathered him back up !

Safely home & into a large box, we asked about & there was a mixed consensus of opinion, I opted to contact the vet online & they said bring him in the morning.

Jack carried the box up (he was sure the bird had got out cos it was so light) & we were hopefull of a mend, as the injury appeared simply to be a broken wing & the bird appeared otherwise healthy..

The Vets were great, but sadly the bird was too small & the break too great.
On a lighter note I did say it was pretty feisty, before the vets opened the box... it was more like a Jack at that point !!

it sprang up out of the box & over the vets shoulder as soon as she opened it !

very carefully checking the bird over.

I thought about taking it back to let nature take its course, but putting it to sleep was the agreed option.

Such a pity, a fine marked bird.
I presume the barred outer tail feathers are the ones which make the drumming sound ??

This was my 3rd visit to visit area since December, & ive also had a seemingly unmarked freshly dead bird.
A set of wires (LV electric) runs close by - I'm pretty sure these Snipe are clipping this on the way in / out... Will have to get onto the L.Authority about this - hopefully get some of those orange-warning balls put on the wires?

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