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Birdwatching in & around Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland, County Durham.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Back On the Jacks

By the time our chores, errands & banking were completed, the morning had turned into a real beauty.
Clear blue, 12 degrees & warm sun
So off we went
Spring-like conditions had good numbers of cock Chaffinches back in breeding haunts & singing steadily.
A handful of Larks were up too, with 2 singles also singing on their way north.
A cheeky GSWpkr clung to the Kestrels pole, while the falcon sat on his nest box there !
A lone cock Scribbly sang whilst soaking up the sun (sadly its looking like this is gonna be the next local bird to start to pack his bags & disappear), with 3 or 4 Willow Tits happy to sing from cover.
Reed Bunting also added to the chorus today - only a couple but one gave a pleasant soundtrack as I searched for a small area for a Jack Snipe.....

(NB: all images here are either from mobile phone or mobile phone hand held to binoculars)

initial view - bird vis in dark central shadow


A short clip here demonstrates the "digi-binning" process - torture in the wind though !

It appears I wasn't to only one to having been mooching about...
Fresh Fox scat just a couple of metres away
Fresh Fox scat at base of pic - the JS was just out of shot

Lots of bones in this Fox scat - only a few metres from bird....

Sitting tight

 It was nice to get another on the ground without it lifting - ideal conditions for carefully "scan-reading" the vegetation before each small cautious step....
This pic of the cheapy Samsung phone edited slightly - looking forward to getting back to an iPhone shortly
Post Script: Back out tonight - different site hoping for roding Woodcock - still no roding yet, but 2 Jacks whipped up close past as they flew out to feed - 1 landing in a damp autumn sown cereal.

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