Birding round Durham & Sunderland 2012

Birdwatching in & around Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland, County Durham.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Hybrid Gamebird ?

I previously blogged this on 1st March, but never gave it much thought at the time.
Thought it was 'just' an odd pheasant.

Im sure this isnt either a Green Pheasant (P. versicolor) or a Tenebrosus Pheasant (P. colchicus var. tenebrosus).

Looking again, im pretty sure its a Blackcock-Pheasant hybrid, what do you reckon ?

Any ideas anyone ?

picture untouched and unsharpened

Taken in moorland edge habitat Western Co.Durham.


  1. 1st year male tenebrosus?


    1. thanks Andrew
      im still in two minds
      made a couple of enquiries

      one feature the image doesnt show, is how it travelled, DCJ has also seen (& photogged) this one, it "trundled" across the ground in a grouse like fashion, rather than a John Cleese-esque gait...

      still no further forward - have had widely differing suggestions from several folk.