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Birdwatching in & around Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland, County Durham.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Local Birding bits - 16 March 2017

16 March
5Shoveller 1Avocet 26Wigeon 18Teal 32Lapwing 5Redshank 28Curlew 1Snipe 2Oik

18 March
1WhiteWag  2N Sand Martin  prShoveller  12Snipe  16pr Lapwing  48Yellowhammer feeding & drinking

18 March
drake Gadwall (2nd site record)  1WFGoose  32Teal  8Redshank

19 March
Green Woodpecker (OFFH YR Tick)
pr Gadwall pr Dabchick  Water Rail  Bramblingx3
15+ Chiffchaff singing New Lambton areas, MThrush  LTTit  Blackbird all building
Lapwings sitting but yet to lay.  Dipper incubating. Tawny on 3 eggs.
Gamekeeper pointed out a Roe Buck & 2 does - they crossed beck stopping in water half way across - magic !
12Buzzard up over estate. Good nos of Grey Wag pairs - male displaying , singing & flycatching

21 March
3+ Snipe drumming over rushy pasture

VERY fresh Otter spraint

22 March
6 hour search for new Leo pr revealed.... 1 pellet !
new rushy spring with 1 Jack Snipe & 10Snipe
Another Green Woodpecker yaffling & flying over.
predated Mallard nest.

23 March
1Black tailed Godwit (OFFH YR Tick)
16 Oystercatcher  1Kingfisher  1JackSnipe  12PWagtail  5Mipit 
Mallard nest incomplete clutch of 6 covered while she was away feeding
41 pair of Lapwing on various habo in Rainton - Chilton area.
Redshank pr feeding on ridge & furrow grassland where not present last year
pr Kingfisher Colliery Row on 1m wide drain containing bike frame & assorted debris

25 March
male White Wagtail
Tawny in pole box  WRail still in car park ditch
26 edpoll. single bird in display flight - 3rd loc this spring
GCGrebe displaying

25 March - flat calm
New Long-eared Owl pair confirmed NZ34 - fem calling heard from 240 metres away !

26 March
1Little ripped Pullover
3 drumming GSW
3pr Redshank
19pr Lapwing birds sitting.   6pr Teal  5pr Gadwall.  70Wigeon.  12pr Shelduck.

The Kettle is on.

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